Hosted two wellness & motivational radio segments for 2 years

developed & implemented the unique work/life harmony concept

created the wellness haven for female entrepreneurs online community

I am so glad you're here. It is time for you to finally start taking care of the powerhouse woman behind the career. And you've come to the perfect place for just that.

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Mastering You: 1:1 well-being coaching

Craving a life that feels easy and intentional? Ready to ditch the striving for ''balance'' and start living in perfect harmony? This one's for you!

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Are you looking for an expert speaker for your mastermind, podcast, team or event? I'd love to join you and share the secret to wellness and wellbeing for high-achieving women

join the glow she-eo community

Having a community of like-minded professional women who are also on a self-care journey is an easy & budget friendly way to get you started

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Give yourself the gift of affirmation- being a female powerhouse doesn’t mean losing your feminine side. You can be beautiful, powerful, AND successful!

The woman who decided to go for it.

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My mission

Is to help you infuse self-care and wellness into your life in a way that feels easy and attainable. We often forget that taking care of yourself isn't just about having a spa day, or taking a holiday. It's about the small, almost insignificant changes we can make on a daily basis that will impact our mood, our mental health, our energy and our business.

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For the high achieving woman who wants to reclaim her feminine energy!

This photoshoot is perfect for the anyone who wants to practice a little self-care and appreciation by dressing up, and capturing the essence of their beauty as a woman. All you have to do is show up, and look glam- we’ll take care of the rest.


I’m CANDICE Denise –
who helps high achieving women take care of themselves while they are taking care of their career.

I've been working with driven and ambitious women from different industries for over a decade now, and the thing always pained me was the look on their face whenever I asked the question, ''But how are you taking care of yourself?''. Most of them had never been shown the way to creating a work/life harmony that fuels success in their career and in their wellbeing. I am here to change that.

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Download the free habit building guide

Every single one of us has habits, it's a way for us to live life efficiently and reduce stress. But when it comes to setting new healthy habits, for example going on a daily walk, drinking enough water, or doing daily meditation, it can be hard to make these habits stick.

This is partly because setting new habits is just hard as is, but also because us high achieving women often prioritize our career over our own wellbeing. 

So in this guide, I'm going to show you some easy, quick and most of all FUN ways of setting new habits for yourself.