It’s time to stop feeling guilty about the food you eat.


It’s time to stop feeling guilty about the food you eat.

Especially this time of year, as the holidays get closer and closer, and family dinners start to clutter your calendar, it may feel like you’re losing control of what you put in your body. But newsflash- there’s a difference between losing control and enjoying yourself in the moment.

And I get it- soooo much of the media we grew up with villainized “fatty” foods and capitalized on telling us we were unworthy of love if we grew to a certain size.

But don’t you think it’s time to throw those outdated ideas away?

So what if your mom makes a mean (and VERY meaty) lasagna? What if you go to bed so full you have a hard time breathing and regret that last bite of Grandma’s pie?

Why not reframe your perception from one of regret to gratitude? You’re lucky that you can go to bed full, that you get to spend time with your family, and that you get to experience this meal made with love!

Food is not the enemy- the way you see it is.

If your pants start fitting a little tighter, there’s nothing wrong with buying a new pair! There is no shame in gaining a few pounds, and you are no less deserving of love, or less attractive, just because you can immerse yourself in the joy of a family meal.

Or say you’re eating alone, what’s wrong with showing yourself some love and gratitude by treating yourself to a good meal? Withholding food, weaponizing it- it’s a form of self-harm, and the only way you can embrace all facets of yourself is by learning to appreciate all the work your body does for you.

Food fuels you physically yes, but it can fuel you emotionally too-

Maybe that one dish at your favorite restaurant sparks joy, or you have cocoa during the winter because it reminds you of your childhood. We use meals to denote celebration, for comfort, to express condolences.

Whatever your reason may be, food’s effect extends far beyond the physical. It holds depth, meaning, and is a way for us to connect with ourselves and our surroundings.

So the next time someone hands you a plate of dessert, and the only reason you don’t want to eat it is because of guilt, and not because you’re full, try to take a moment and reconsider-

Because what’s more satisfying- saying you resisted temptation or sharing that special moment with everyone else as you all take a bite of someone’s hard work? When we get older, do we count all the times we said “no” with pride, or do we wish we’d let go of shame and just let ourselves enjoy the moment?

Self-love means releasing old beliefs about what you deserve and opening yourself up to feel more joy in your life. 
So the next time you find yourself stuck on whether you should eat something, remember to ask yourself why you’re hesitating.

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