trauma in body


They say that our bodies hold trauma

That’s why we react in certain ways- or our trauma manifests physically as tics and pain.

And while there are ways to combat these symptoms- breathing exercises, meditation, etc.- a surprising amount of people seem unwilling to do the heavy lifting to make permanent changes.

Things like shadow-work, going to therapy, educating oneself about trauma… for some reason we seem more content to live with a looming cloud over our heads than figure out how to dissolve it entirely.

But life is meant to be an ever-evolving journey.

We’re not meant to stop indefinitely because we wake up and say, “I’m tired.” Yes, sometimes we do need to pause, collect ourselves, and re-evaluate the path we’re following. But that pause isn’t meant to be the end of your journey; only a temporary halt so that you have the energy to keep going.

And just to be clear- trauma is trauma. Big, small… We all bleed the same when wounded. Trauma is not to be taken lightly, or dismissed, by others who will never understand how you as an individual have been affected by your trauma.

Your trauma is as real as the next person, but how you respond to that trauma is entirely on you. Removing blame, and shame and all other negative emotions, how you process your trauma is a part of your journey. You get to go as fast or slow as you need, but you need to keep going.

You have to pick up the pieces- and it’s definitely unfair if you weren’t the one to break them- but for your own sake, you have to try to make yourself a better tomorrow.

You deserve peace. You deserve joy. You deserve to be happy.

If you feel stuck, start small- do one thing a day to pull yourself closer to your joy. Go on walks, sing at the top of your lungs, tell yourself affirmations in the mirror.

And if even that seems too hard, remember that it takes just as much strength to reach out for help as it does to try and help yourself. There is no shame asking for help- in fact we all have to ask for help at some point in our lives. Your support systems are there for that exact reason; to hold you close or carry you when you can’t find the strength to do it yourself. Friends, family, significant others… we need these connections for ourselves as much as they need us.

Trauma is a tough, heavy topic to approach-

It scares most people because they fear exposing their own trauma and sharing what they perceive to be a weakness. But the only way to heal your trauma is to face it, embrace it, and move beyond it. None of us are alone in our experiences, but likewise none of us share the same experiences either.

It may take days, weeks, years- there’s no “right” timeline for healing oneself. But however long it takes, never be discouraged that you still have trauma. The darkness makes the light shine brighter, and you’re working towards a happier tomorrow.

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