Hosted two wellness & motivational radio segments for 2 years

developed & implemented the unique work/life harmony concept

created the wellness haven for female entrepreneurs online community

this is for

The busy high achieving woman who wants to reclaim their feminine energy!

This photoshoot is perfect for the anyone who wants to practice a little self-care and appreciation by dressing up, and capturing the essence of their beauty as a woman. All you have to do is show up, and look glam- we’ll take care of the rest.

Give yourself the gift of affirmation

- Sarahbeth Ramsey

 ''Candice made me feel loved, and helped me to love myself in the process.''

who i've worked with

My photoshoot clients come from all walks of life; beauty doesn’t come in one shape or size. Whatever unique features you bring to the table, we’ll make sure that you SHINE!

My portfolio is full of powerful women, and each with her own unique look and energy. As long as you bring a desire to honor yourself and your beauty, you’re guaranteed photos as stunning as those of my past clients.

Each and every woman I’ve worked with has been next-level awesome, and I can’t wait to share this experience with you as well!

- Stephanie Hill

''I honestly just can't say enough about how I enjoyed working with CD Creative Loft. I never had to worry, it felt like a true pampering session''

ADORE: self-care photoshoot

Have you been feeling guilty for NOT making yourself a priority? Maybe you haven’t been feeling as confident because all your time has been devoted to your work, and your self-care has fallen to the wayside.

While the focus of the Self-Care Photoshoot is for you to walk away with some amazing and empowering photos, my sessions involve so much more.

My aim is always to encourage and promote self-care and self-love, so every photoshoot includes mini self-care coaching sessions! It’s important to me that you leave feeling as confident as you look in your photos.

Your inner beauty is so much more powerful than how you show up day-to-day, and a big part of the ADORE: Self-Care Photoshoot is showing you, and the world, that you can be beautiful and empowered as a female business owner.

There is no shame in letting your beauty shine, and you deserve to feel beautiful in your career. You deserve to ADORE you.

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You deserve to feel beautiful in your business

I'm Candice Denise

With over ten years in the event planning industry, I am known for creating and curating memorable experiences for clients

I'm fueled by a passion to connect with and embrace one’s true self. This is the foundation of my creativity and I strive to reflect it in all that I do. I'm a true wellness and self-love advocate sharing my journey to inspire women entrepreneurs through personal reflections and life lessons.

Having directed a fair few self care photoshoots, plus having been on the other side of the lens as well, I am passionate about the spark it lights up in us women entrepreneurs.

It doesn't just help you grow your self love and self care in that moment- but also serves as a reminder for the days when you're not feeling like the powerhouse that you are.

The ADORE: Self Care Photoshoot is the ultimate way to appreciate all that you are - the woman behind the career.

-Tiffany W.

''My photoshoot experience with CD Creative Loft was more than amazing! and to top it off, I absolutely LOVE my images!''