the blueprint

Simplified Self Care Practices for high achieving women.

Self-care doesn’t have to be mani-pedis, or ice cream and a Netflix binge. It’s not something that you need to treat as separate from your regular routine; self-care should be a part of your day that makes it more manageable.

That’s why this guide will go over 38 ways to start adding self-care to your lifestyle. Not as another ball you have to juggle, but as a third arm that will help you start taking more control of your life- so that you can go back to savoring the little moments of your life, instead of chasing them.


from burnout to bank

How resting can increase your revenue

I made From Burn-out to Bank to help guide women like yourself through the mindset shift of re-prioritizing rest in their lives.

You’ll find information on why you should incorporate rest, some examples of how to incorporate rest, and hopefully you’ll walk away with a new perspective on why you deserve rest in your daily life.

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the free habit building guide

Every single one of us has habits, it's a way for us to live life efficiently and reduce stress. But when it comes to setting new healthy habits, for example going on a daily walk, drinking enough water, or doing daily meditation, it can be hard to make these habits stick.

This is partly because setting new habits is just hard as is, but also because us entrepreneurs often prioritize our business over our own wellbeing. 

So in this guide, I'm going to show you some easy, quick and most of all FUN ways of setting new habits for yourself.