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Founded December 14, 2018, Her Love Spell (HLS) is a community I created for women to EMPOWER them to embrace their SEXY, be UNASHAMED of their BEAUTY and KNOW their WORTH!

After experiencing my own personal journey to self love, I wanted to create a community that could speak to, inspire, encourage and assist other women in their own personal journey of self love. 

The community is entitled "Her Love Spell" as a play on the term love spell. I believe every woman has something about her that makes others want to fall in love with her, but it's more important for her to know what makes her fall in love with herself.  #WhatsYourLoveSpell 

We hosts photoshoots, events and workshops all geared toward self love, embracing personal beauty (inner and outer) and being unashamed of releasing the inner sexy spirit animal. 

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Brow Beauty: Webinar Tutorial Recording

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A recording of the latest Brow Beauty Tutorial - Live webinar with Candice Denise, "Covergirl Unleash Your Beauty Winner & Brow Beauty Creator," on how to properly fill in your eyebrows to give a natural yet beautiful enhancement to your arch. 

Tutorial Recording includes...

-Explanation of Products being used

-Live demonstration of brow filling step by step


*Once payment is received, you will receive Google Drive access to the recorded (2) recorded files.  The email address that is used for the Paypal payment is the one the files will be sent to. *

past photoshoots



OMG!!! What can I say? I've never done a photoshoot before but this shoot exceeded all of my expectations. The tone, mood and vibe Candice set before, during and after the shoot was amazing. There was such a loving presence and calm energy in the room. I felt safe and free to express whatever came up for me in the moment and it was really a liberating feeling.  Thanks Candice!! 

-Ebonee Gee,  

Love Spell Photoshoot 2.8.20

I was blown away by the photoshoot with Her Love Spell last Saturday. There are many talented and amazing people in Baltimore. What sets Candice apart, is the fact that she truly loves not only her work, but the people involved. Candice would see our photo previews Saturday and she would dance and smile and was so GENUINELY happy for us and encouraging, that it was just amazing. You know that Candice is always in your corner and you feel empowered, sexy, and so happy to be working with her. You know that she means what she says, and does what she means, and that, well, that's pretty rare. The mission behind Her Love Spell is one that is so needed today. Candice made me feel loved, and helped me to love myself in the process. Plus she gives EXCELLENT direction. You will want to hire her, you need her in your life- that I guarantee. 

-Sarahbeth Ramsey 

Love Spell Photoshoot 2.9.19

past events

VList Podcast (LIVE)

VList Podcast (LIVE)

VList Podcast (LIVE)


Her Love Spell Creator, Candice Denise was a featured guest on the LIVE tapping of the VList Podcast where they discussed all things Self Love with the ladies that attended.


VList Podcast (LIVE)

VList Podcast (LIVE)


Sexy heels dance class that empowered women to embrace their 

feminine power and rock their sexy proudly. 

past talks

HLS Talks: Tribe Life

HLS Talks: Insecurities

HLS Talks: Insecurities


Webinar that discussed the importance of women having a tribe of 

friends in their life.

HLS Talks: Insecurities

HLS Talks: Insecurities

HLS Talks: Insecurities


Webinar that discussed how all women have insecurities and 

how they play a role in their lives.