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Empowering you get back to the true meaning of harmony. Your life isn't supposed to be created around your work. I'm going to help you find ways to infuse wellness into your daily routine, boosting your confidence and putting you on the path to become your favorite self. Let me empower you take charge of your life and reclaim your power.

create a life of harmony & flow

Manage your Emotional Wellness

let go of the guilt that comes with setting boundaries

Gain Mental Clarity

Coaching & Consulting

1:1 Coaching

If you’re wanting accountability, guidance and tools to help you prioritize your well-being on a daily basis by using simplified self care techniques.

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you + Me for 90: Strategy Session

These consultations are designed to empower you with tools and strategies for enhancing various areas of your life. 

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Self-care concierge

Specializing in researching, booking & curating your self pampering & wellness needs/ experiences.

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the "i.a.m" framework





once we've identified your wellness needs, we can start working on achieving those goals

after achieving your goals and wellness needs, the focus should be on transforming it into a lifestyle

1:1 Coaching

apply for 1:1 coaching

If you’re wanting to develop a solid road map that helps you reset and hold yourself accountable after a busy season. This plan we work through your physical, mental, emotional and environmental wellness areas. Changing your practices, habits, routines, and mindsets. Setting Boundaries, development of an emotional toolbox and healthy coping mechanisms, exploration into limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding you back. While hacking your self care for a busy lifestyle.

Practicing self care is no longer about stealing moments alone when you can- it’s about restructuring your life to place your well-being at the center of your life, not your career.

This tier is ideal for women who’ve been feeling overwhelmed in recent months. This will get you back into the driver’s seat so you can live your life, guilt-free.

$700/Per Month

90-minute initial consultation: 

Unlimited Weekday Email & Voxer (voice messaging app) communication

Weekly wellness check-ins over Zoom conferencing (45 minutes)

Expected Results: Elevation of your overall well-being. Sustained energy, healthy boundaries, emotional wellness, increased focus, happiness, and longevity

A deep dive into your emotional & mental blocks and overall well-being history. Together, we sift through the root causes of lack of self care

*This time frame ensures that we have adequate time to introduce the lifestyle necessary to implement consistent self care and set life-long wellness habits in place.

90 Min
Strategy session

You're juggling so many roles and obligations, putting everyone and eveything before yourself and it seems you continue to keep placing yourself at the bottom of your "to-do list." You're exhausted on most days and overwhelmed on others and don't know where to start with making you a daily priority. Having help to figure out how to do so would make all the difference. You're in the right place.

These consultations are designed to empower you with the tools and strategies for making your self care a priority.


A 90 minute call with Candice to determine your needs:
I can help you brainstorm ideas, in the below discussion areas listed. We will identify your top struggles, strengths and areas of opportunity to develop a strategy for a successful and sustainable lifestyle. My goal is to help you feel, that you finally have tangible ways to truly start taking care of you the way you want in all ways. I'll even share tips, tools and practices I use to manage my well-being. 

Discussion areas:
- Meal mapping
- Goal planning
- Developing healthy routines, habits & practices
- Creating boundaries
- Time & productivity management
-Stress-free Content creation 

1 hour 30 minutes @ $297

self-care concierge

As a busy, woman on the move it can seem impossible to take the time to plan your next self-care or wellness treatment, trip or experience. Maybe you have no idea where to even begin searching for unique wellness experiences..
Well, look no further! With my Event Planning/ Creative Director background I've learned to be creative, consider budgets, scout locations and map logistics. It's my zone of genius! 

I am excited to offer you this DONE FOR YOU service…

Specializing in researching, booking & curating your self pampering & wellness needs/ experiences.

With this Self Care Concierge service you get…


Self care made easy

Your very own "Wellness Curator," who serves as your personal self care guidebook and search engine

The convenience of having someone, to help you take better care of you, and enable you to maximize your free time

Special Privileges and Complimentary Benefits (so you feel like the VERY IMPORTANT PERSON) you are!

Access to Self Care + Wellness Expert Insider Knowledge and Skills

A La Carte Concierge


one (1) hour minimum.

Fees are then calculated by 15-minute intervals after the first hour.

Book a set of concierge hours to use at a reduced rate.*

2 hours for $150 ($75 per hour)
10 hours for $600 ($60 per hour)
20 hours for $1,000 ($50 per hour)


Monthly Concierge Membership


Clients have the option to purchase a customized monthly membership package.

At $50/hour with a minimum of 8 hours purchased for membership package (Additional hours can be purchased).

Membership packages must be secured with a 3 month (minimum) retainer.


This is our journey together

how it works

01 Connect

Love what you see? The first step to working with me is filling out a self-care assessment! Tell me what you’re doing for yourself right now, and what you’d like to change in your day-to-day life.

02 Analyze

If everything looks good, we set up a compatibility call to make sure our energies are well-suited. I want you to feel confident with our relationship and want to honor my own desire to work with clients who align with my vision.


Once we’ve determined we’re a good fit across the board, the next step is a 30-minute goal-setting call. We’ll go over your current needs, struggles, and goals, to determine what is causing friction in your life. From there we build you a custom roadmap to start implementing self-care in your day to day.

04 Magic

Huzzah! With everything mapped out, we start your 1:1 Voxer coaching (and the first step to become your favorite self!)



Looking for a Well-Being/Self Care Speaker for your mastermind, podcast, team or event?
I'd love to share my experiences & knowledge with your audience to get them from wishing to taking action when it comes to their Self-Care.

Seeking a Wellness Influencer to collaborate or partner with your brand? I'd love to connect and learn more about how we can work together to showcase your brand.

I'm a believer in creating harmony in your life versus trying to maintain balance. Each and every one of us has different needs, goals and struggles which can be addressed by looking at the harmony of all these elements together. The end goal is to find various ways to
benefit our well-being.

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Self-Care Coach +Speaker | Creative Director 

Showing you how to reclaim your power and control over your life, prioritize your well-being, rediscover joy, create multiple streams of happiness and start showing up for yourself as much as you have for everyone else.
I've been working with driven and ambitious women from different industries for over a decade now, and the thing that always concerned me was the look on their face whenever I asked the question, ''But how are you taking care of yourself?''. Most of them had been so focused on taking care of everyone else's needs that they neglected their own. I am here to change that.

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Take the steps to activate your self-care today.

are you ready?

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